About us

Founded by Horst Kirschbaum in 1987 and family owned and operated, it displays its name “Kirschbaum”; in a cherry logo that translated into German means “cherry tree”.

Since its creation, the production of Kirschbaum strings; grips has developed a stable position in the national and international market with constantly growing sales figures. While in the early years the production served mainly to supply well-known racket suppliers, Kirschbaum strings and grips later established themselves as a guarantee for high-quality tennis strings, especially monofilament polyester (PET) strings. To this end, own patents and surface finishing machines were developed and manufactured in cooperation with tennis players and institutes.

A pioneer of polyesters in tennis strings, Kirschbaum is dedicated to finding the union of durability, power and control in his strings, making products that are faster, more precise and more forgiving on the arms.

Always at the forefront of new technologies and identifying players´ needs, Kirschbaum has developed a wide variety of strings and gauges that almost customize the racquet/string combination to make the most of all players abilities and types of players.
Kirschbaum has approximately 5,000 players worldwide under sponsorship contract, among them are the best young players from many countries and, naturally, numerous ATP and WTA

From the centre of Europe and based in 40 countries, a network of representatives distributes and supports strings around the world.