Pattern/Sweet Spot Ratio

Pattern/Sweet Spot Ratio

The string pattern is the amount of strings on a racquet. The most common patterns are 16 x 18 , 16 x 20 , 18 x 20. (The first number being the vertical strings and the second number being the horizontal strings).

The Sweet Spot is the point on the string where the stroke requires the least effort. The optimal point of contact between string and ball.

Variations in the string pattern determine that the “squares” formed by the stringing are larger or smaller. A string pattern with smaller “squares” forms a denser string, the string will last longer because there is more string and less friction, the Sweet Spot will be smaller and will offer more control.

In a string pattern with larger “squares”, the Sweet Spot will be larger and consequently “forgives” more errors. It will bounce the ball more and the string will last less because the friction increases and finally there will be a higher spin potential.

Not only the size of the hoop and the stringing determine the durability of the string, but also the string pattern plays an important role.

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